There are many decisions you’ll have to make in your cycling journey. Like whether to ride with sunglasses or goggles. They both cover your eyes from the sun and debris. But they’re different in terms of weight, ventilation, and level of protection. Read our comparison so you know what eyewear to choose.

Perks of Sunglasses

Stylish and Versatile – Sunglasses blend style and functionality. They come in many designs, from sleek and sporty to casually cool, to match your personality.

Light and Comfortable – They’re incredibly. You won’t even notice them on your face or in your gear bag. The comfortable fit is idea for long rides. It also means no obstructed views.

Optimal Ventilation – Air can flow right through sunglasses, keeping them from fogging up. This is needed on intense rides or scorching days.

Adaptable Lenses – You can tailor your sunglasses to meet the demands of the trail. Go with polarized lenses for glare reduction. Or photochromic that adjust to changing light conditions.

Smith Optics MTB Sunglasses

Perks of Goggles

Full Coverage – Unlike sunglasses, goggles fully cover your eyes to block out win and stray particles. Making them a top choice for mountain bikers and racing enthusiasts.

Optimal Protection – They also shield your eyes from dust, debris, and unexpected impacts. So your eyes are fully protected on the most rough and tough terrain.

Secure Fit – Goggles always stay in place thanks to the firm fit and adjustable straps. This is crucial for challenging trails with plenty of bumps and jumps.

Anti-Fog Technology – Some pairs are made with this technology to prevent foggy lenses. Giving you clear vision in ever-changing weather conditions.

Smith Optics MTB Goggles

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