Utah is one of the best mountain biking states in the country. So many beautiful attractions and so much nature to explore on two wheels. In fact, Park City is the first Gold Level Ride Center, according to the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA). That means it has the best variety of trail tights, quality of trail experiences, overall trail mileage, destination best practices, and local services. Here are the best places to ride on your trusted MTB.

Slickrock Trail in Moab

This is arguably the best mountain biking trail in Utah. It’s 10.5 miles of traditional singletrack that’s physically and technically challenging, but an overall amazing experience. You’ll enjoy plenty of weather-smoothed slick rock – hence the name – and the most beautiful scenery. The fine sandstone is also incredibly easy to grip with rubber tires. Get to Sand Flats Recreation Area just outside of town via Interstate 70 or U.S. 191. Then start at Slickrock National Recreation just beyond the entrance.

Porcupine Rim/Whole Enchilada in Moab

It’s considered one of the best bike rides in North America. A 33-mile adventure through alpine singletracks, high-altitude forests, and the Utah desert. You’ll experience Burro Pass, Hazzard County, Kokopelli, the famed Porcupine Rim trail, and even the Colorado River. All with the most beautiful views the state has to offer. Most cyclists hire a shuttle service to get to to the top of Geyser Pass above town, your starting point. It sits about 10,400 feet above sea level.

Bunker Creek Trail in Brian Head

This is in Brian Head Park, close to Bryce Canyon National Park and the city of Panguitch, and it has amazing history. It’s made of volcanic rock deposited in the area over the last 20 million years. Also believed to the bottom of a lake at some point. So yes, surprisingly, a desert that’s a dried up body of water. The trail itself is an 11.6-mile epic downhill singletrack that starts at Brian Head Peak. Head east to Panguitch Lake on a 3,000 feet descent. You can even pay for a shuttle to the starting point and back.

Thunder Mountain Loop in Brian Head

Another ride near Bryce Canyon National Park and Panguitch. It’s just under 16 miles with plenty of climbing and iconic desert rock formations. The descent also takes you through Red Canyon with even more beautiful rocks. Some find it challenging because it’s 8,000 feet elevation, but it’s not the highest track in the area. Not many steps or drops, just moderate climbs with unbeatable views. The technical sections are quick, easy, and walkable if preferred. Also, the last mile or so is flowy downhill for gliding down to the end. Get to the Thunder Mountain Trailhead and ride east on the paved road along the river over 5 miles. Then turn on the dirt road and follow it 2 miles to Coyote Hollow parking. Then start at the Thunder Mountain singletrack.

Mid Mountain Trail in Park City

We can’t forget about this trail, part of the IMBA Gold Lever Ride Certification. It covers 22 miles around the two major ski areas in Park City. There are tons of options for shorter loops, with flowing singletrack through dense pine, aspen trees and wildflower meadows, depending on the time of year. The hardest part is reaching the trail itself, It is called Mid Mountain. Once you’re on it, enjoy multiple short climbs and descents with minimal technical sections. Most riders start at Armstrong Trail and hit several other loops 5-10 miles each.

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