Standing on your bike is fun. It also gives you more power, control and relief. Which you just don’t always get while seated. You can stand to work different muscles or alleviate ones that are sore. You have more power and acceleration for quick bursts of speed. And most importantly, it gives you more responsiveness and control over your bike. These are the best times to stand when you ride.

1. Climbing Uphill

As you approach an include, you should stand up to put more weight on the pedals. This gives you a more powerful downstroke to get up and over the hill. You should also pull up slightly on the handlebars to transfer even more power to the pedals. And of course, switch to a lower gear for more cadence.

2. Sprinting and Accelerating

Standing gives you an instant surge of power to generate more force for sprinting and accelerating. Just don’t overdo it and tire yourself out. Use it in short bursts to make a quick move or pick up speed when you need it. Like in a race.

3. Navigating Obstacles

It’s much easier to get over or around potholes, rocks, or roots when standing. Your legs act as a natural suspension to absorb shocks and better your control. Be flexible so your bike can move beneath you and you can keep your balance.

4. On Technical Descents

Stand up and shift your weight backwards on a technical drop. Then you have more flexibility, visibility, and control on the uneven ground. You can respond quickly and absorb shocks, too.

5. To Rest and Stretch

Sitting for hours can be uncomfortable. Stand periodically to stretch your muscles and alleviate pressure points. Do this to prevent stiffness before it even starts.

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