You need a place to store your bike when you’re not using it. If you have the space, always keep it indoors. Just make sure the set-up is safe and practical. Then you won’t damage your home or ride. Here are the best options.

On the Floor

Metal Floor Rack – It’s generally made for multiple bikes. That makes it great for families. Your bikes stay upright, and they’re easily accessible. This rack works best outside.

Height Adjustable Floor Rack – This has two pulleys. One for the top and one for the bottom of the tire. You adjust them so once the bike is in the rack. Then they grip the tire and hold the wheel in place.

Spring-Loaded Cradle – It’s a bit like a simple rack. But it has a cradle that you roll the wheel into. Then it tips the bike forward so it rests against a spring-loaded support. The wheel is deep in the cradle so it’s more supported. That makes the bike more stable.

Adjustable Stand – It works for one bike. It’s small, lightweight and foldable. So it’s easy to move between spaces or store away. Just make sure to choose a stand that will grip your wheel and keep your bike stable.

On the Wall

Hook – It’s a single hook, but it’s incredibly sturdy. You can also use two to hang a bike by both wheels. These are affordable and easy to install.

Vertical Rack – You just wheel the bike forward and upward until it cups both wheels. With some, you can swivel your bike towards the wall. Then it takes up less space.

On the Ceiling

Pulley System – You hook up your bike, then hoist it up to the ceiling. Some systems can also keep your bike up sideways. That’s great if you don’t have a high enough ceiling for a low-hanging bike.

Ceiling Rack – It has multiple sliding supports for hanging bikes by both wheels. It works best in a garage.

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