You want your bike to last as long as possible. To do that, you have to use the right chain lube. There are two types – wet and dry – for different riding conditions. One is for wet and muddy and the other is for dry and dusty. It’s all in the name! Let’s weigh the perks to help you choose. Then you can lube up every month for optimal performance and protection.

Wet Bike Lube is a Heavy-Duty Protector

Wet lube is made for wet and muddy conditions. It has a thicker formula for a more durable hold on your chain. Protecting it from water, mud and grit. Thicker also means it stays on longer. So you don’t have to replace it as frequently. It’s ideal for mountain and cyclocross bikes, and cold or wet weather.

Dry Bike Lube Has Lightweight Efficiency

Dry lube is meant for dry and dusty conditions. It’s lighter than wet to get to all the links in the chain. Offering less friction and smoother pedaling while fending off dirt and grime. It evaporates quickly, too. You do have to use it more frequently. But it’s easier to clean and reapply than wet because it’s less sticky. Use it in dry climates.

Get Help With Bike Chain Lube at Our Shop

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