If you own a mountain bike, you need a dropper post. It’s a replacement for your seat post, allowing you to raise or lower the saddle as needed on your rides. Find a sweet spot means easier, safer, and more efficient bike outings.

A lower center of gravity improves your stability on the bike by keeping your mass where it will move the least. Plus, when your seat is out of the way, you have more room to absorb impacts as you land. Check out all the basics of a dropper here.

Dropper Post Basics

What It Is – A dropper post, commonly shorted to dropper, allows you to adjust your saddle without having to get off your bike or even stop moving. It’s actuated through a remote on the handlebar or a seat post lever. The remote or lever will be connected to the dropper through a mechanical cable, hydraulic hose or even electronic with a bluetooth connection.
Different Designs – Different brands have different designs. Most older designs have a lever on the top left side of the handlebar with room for a left-hand gear shifter. Now, more 1x gearing leaves space for a remote below the handlebar. You can operate it with your left thumb just like a shift lever. Some posts don’t come with a remote, but there are plenty of aftermarket options.
Internal Cable Routing – This is common on modern mountain bikes. Dropper cables follow the same guides as gear and brake cables. The dropper is connected to the remote lever at the shaft of the post. The cables are less prone to contamination and less likely to get damaged in a crash.
External Cable Routing – This is common on more affordable droppers, and for older or entry-level mountain bike. The cables are routed outside the top tube or downtube and attached to the head or shaft of the post. They’re easier to set-up – just attach the cables to the frame and insert the post as normal. And they’re much easier to service regarding the dropper cable.

Benefits of a Dropper

Better for Your Body – Proper saddle height helps you avoid aches and pains in your back and knees.

Lower Center of Gravity – You can alter your center of gravity as you navigate different obstacles or terrain.

More Pedaling Efficiency – The right seat height optimizes your power and efficiency. It also supports your knees.

More Speed & Stability – You’re less likely to fall off you bike with a lower seat, and you can ride faster than ever.

Hitting Jumps and Drops – A lower seat gives you more room to hit jumps, fly over drops, and clear obstacles.

Better Cornering – Your weight is evenly distributed to handle corners without falling or dropping performance.

More Safety – You can quickly move the saddle out of the way in case of falling out of the saddle or crashing.

More Fun – The better your performance, the more you’ll enjoy your ride.

How to Use a Dropper

Climbing – Lower your seat when you’re climbing on rough terrain, even when you’re standing. You’ll have better bump absorption and traction.

Obstacles – A lower seat keeps you from jolting forward when your back wheel hits an obstacle. Then you won’t fly over the handlebars.

Jumps – Lowering your dropper keeps you centered in the air instead of behind the seat, which can push your wheel down too early.

Wheelies – You can center our weight over your back wheel and pop wheelies, which can improve your speed and efficiency.

Stopping – When your seat is low, you can put both feet on the ground to slow down your bike or come to a full stop.

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