You know the famous term business in the front, party in the back? It also applies to mountain bikes! A mullet or mixed-wheel bike has a 29″ front wheel and a 27.5″ rear wheel. It’s fast, stable, and easy to maneuver. Even on the most technical, obstacle-filled trails. So, how do you know if it’s right for you? Learn the pros and cons to decide.

Mullet Bike Pros

Slacker Geometry – There are slight changes in the head and seat tube angles, bottom bracket. Giving you more speed and confidence on steep trails.

Control – A mullet bike can handle even the roughest terrain. The front wheel absorbs shocks for a gentler and more controlled ride.

Maneuverability – A bigger front wheel gives you more steering control. While the smaller back wheel sticks to the inside line.

Speed – It’s incredibly fast and efficient thanks to the large front wheel. Very similar to full 29er bikes.

Clearance – The front wheel helps you tackle steep trails, big drops, and large obstacles.

Weight – It’s lighter than 29ers because of the smaller rear wheel. Easy to whip around with low drag.

Mullet Bike Cons

Slacker Geometry – This is also a con. The front end wanders more. More of your weight is on the rear, too. So it can be harder to push forward.

Balance – Different wheel sizes can throw off the balance of the bike. You might feel like you’re not centered in the saddle.

Santa Cruz Bronson Mullet Bike

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