Most modern mountain bikes come with a front and/or rear suspension. They absorb shocks and vibrations for smoother, more comfortable, and more controlled rides. Some MTBs also have suspension lockout to maximize your pedaling efficiency. Learn what it is and how to use it on your travels.

What’s suspension lockout?

A lockout is a small switch on top of the front-right stanchion of your suspension. There’s also a remote version routed to the handlebar. Both set-ups have a dial with the words “open” and “lock.” Lock mode essentially stops the suspension from compressing and keeps it in a fixed position. This gives you optimal pedaling efficiency.

How do I use the lockout?

Regular and remote lockouts have a dial with the words “open” and “lock.” Open mode keeps the suspension active, and lock mode does what’s stated above. You’ll know if it’s locked because the back end of the bike will feel different with virtually no movement from the shock.

What’s the best time to use it?

It’s best to use the lockout on non-technical trail climbs, or when you’re riding long distance on a flat surface. Using it on technical trails and descents is unnecessary because it defeats the purpose of the suspension. You need it to be fully open and active to fully absorb all bumps and big jumps.

2022 Santa Cruz Blur 4 Riding with Suspension Lockout

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