One of SRAM’s most popular products is the UDH. It’s a Universal Derailleur Hanger that works with almost any mountain bike frame. In fact, it’s the most widely adopted hanger ever made. Also one of the most versatile and parts you can use on your bike. Once you see how easy it is to replace the UDH, you’ll never go back.

A Derailleur Hanger Is a Sacrificial Bike Part

The rear derailleur hanger connects the rear derailleur to the dropout. That’s where the back wheel attaches to the frame. It’s made to bend or break in a crash, protecting the rear derailleur and frame from damage. Because replacing the hanger is much easier and cheaper than having to replace those parts. You have to make sure the derailleur hanger is properly aligned and in good condition so it can do its job. One that’s misaligned or damage will give you shifting problems. It can also harm the rear derailleur or frame – the exact opposite of what it’s supposed to do.

SRAM Universal Derailleur Hanger

The SRAM UDH Unifies Derailleur Hanger Standards

SRAM launched the UDH in 2019. It’s made of two parts, the hanger itself and the UDH bolt that secures the hanger to the dropout. “Universal” means it works on almost every modern mountain bike. You also need a compatible thru-axle with a specific thread pitch and thread length to secure the back wheel.

SRAM’s new transmission system would be engineered in such a way that it’s specifically designed to function optimally only on bikes equipped with a UDH. This would mean that the system’s components, such as the rear derailleur, would have a particular geometry and mounting system that aligns with the UDH.

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