Bike chain waxing is a method of lubricating and protecting the chain. It’s cleaner, more efficient, and more long-lasting than a non-waxed chain. Translating to even better times in the saddle. You just have to fully submerge it in hot wax, take it out to dry, and reinstall it on your bike. Easy enough to do right at home.

Why Wax Your Bike Chain

Cleaner Chain – Wax serves as a protective layer on the chain. It keeps dirt and grime from sticking to the links. It lasts longer, and you don’t have to clean or service it as often.

Less Friction – Regular bike chain lube can attract dirt and debris that causes more friction and wear. Wax creates a smooth and clean surface. Lessening the friction between the chain and cassette for a more efficient ride.

Better Shifting – A waxed chain gives you smoother and more precise gear changes. Which means you have quick and reliable shifting on the roads and trails.

Quieter Ride – No wet lube means no chain slap or other noise when you ride. Wax keeps it quiet so you can actually enjoy your travels.

How to Wax Your Bike Chain

Remove the Chain – Take the chain off the bike. You can use a chain tool to disconnect the links. Or the chain might have a quick link for easy removal.

Clean the Chain – Use a chain cleaning tool or brush to remove lube, dirt and grim from the chain. Use a degreaser for stubborn residue. Rinse it with warm water and mild soap to make sure everything’s off.

Dry the Chain – Let the chain dry completely before applying the wax.

Melt the Wax – Follow the manufacturer’s instruction to melt the wax. It’s likely done in a small pot. Make sure the liquid is consistent to fully coat the chain.

Coat the Chain – Carefully dip the chain into the melted wax. Make sure every link is coated. Hold it above the pot to check it over and let excess wax drip off.

Dry the Chain – Hang the chain to let the wax solidify. This might take some time, but patience is key. It has to be fully dry to go back on your bike.

Reinstall the Chain – When the wax has set, put the chain back on your bike. Check the chain tension and make adjustments as needed.

Re-wax the Chain – The chain should be re-waxed after 200 miles of riding. Or after a really wet ride. Just repeat this process.

Bike Chain Service at Airpark Bike Co

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