It’s important to stay on top of bike maintenance to keep your ride top shape. You want to keep it clean and lubed up, and replace parts before they cause any major problems. Follow this guide to keep everything running smoothly, so the fun never stops!

Every Week

Lube the Chain: Re-lube it weekly if you ride in really wet or dry conditions.
Check the Tire Pressure: Make sure the tires are inflated to the recommended pressure.
Check for Wear and Tear: Replace worn tires and brake pads, as well as a worn or damaged chain.
Inspect the Brakes: Adjust the pads and replace them if they’re worn down.
Clean the Bike: Wipe down the frame and fork and other really dirty parts.

Every Month

Or sooner if you tend to ride multiple times a week or your bike has heavy use.

Check the Nuts and Bolts: Make sure all nuts and bolts are tightened to the recommended torque.
Check the Cables: Look for frayed or rusted cables and replace them if needed.
Check the Pedals: Make sure they rotate freely, tighten them if needed, and replace them if they’re damaged.
Check the Quick Releases: Make sure the quick releases are secured on the wheels and seat post.

Every 6 Months

Or sooner if you tend to ride multiple times a week or your bike has heavy use.

Replace Cables and Housing: Replace frayed, rusted, or stretched cables.
True the Wheels: Check for wobbly or misaligned wheels and true them if needed.
Check the Cassette and Chainrings: Replace them if they’re damaged or worn.
Check the Headset and Bottom Bracket: Make sure they’re properly lubricated and adjusted.
Check the Pedal Threads: Remove the pedals to inspect the threads, then re-grease and re-install them.

Every Year

Or sooner if you tend to ride multiple times a week or your bike has heavy use.

Get a Full Tune-Up: Take your bike to a trusted cycling shop for a thorough inspection and tune-up.
Service the Hubs: Check and service the hub bearings so they operate smoothly.
Service the Suspension: The parts of your suspension might need yearly service.
Bleed the Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes have to be bled yearly for optimal performance.
Replace the Chain, Cassette, and Chainrings: These parts wear together and must be replaced together.

Bike in a Garage with Tools

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