Haro Downtown 26 Gloss Black 26"


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Haro Downtown 26 Gloss Black 26"


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Color: Gloss Black
Size: 26"

SN: H22029

Haro Full Hi-Ten Frame for durability and classic BMX aesthetics.

36h alloy single wall wheelset for responsiveness and versatility.

Tektro alloy 990 U-brake rear for reliable stopping power.

Kenda Kranium Tires front and rear for traction on various terrains.

Haro 3 piece cr-mo cranks for pedaling efficiency and power.

Haro padded adjustable saddle for personalized comfort.

Haro Stripe Grips for control and style.


The Haro Downtown 26 emerges as a testament to the enduring popularity of BMX-style riding, offering a unique blend of nostalgia, versatility, and modern functionality. Designed to capture the essence of classic BMX bikes while catering to the needs of contemporary riders, the Downtown 26 embodies the spirit of urban exploration and freestyle fun. With its array of carefully curated features, this bicycle provides a platform for riders to relive their youth, conquer city streets, and express their creativity through tricks and stunts.

At the heart of the Haro Downtown 26 is the Haro Full Hi-Ten Frame. This high-tensile steel frame not only showcases the unmistakable silhouette that has become synonymous with BMX culture but also exhibits the robustness to withstand the demands of aggressive riding. The frame's geometry strikes a balance between stability and maneuverability, empowering riders to effortlessly navigate tight corners, ramps, and urban obstacles. Whether it's cruising around the neighborhood or tackling more adventurous terrain, the Downtown 26's frame lays the foundation for a confident and exhilarating ride.

Rolling on a 36h alloy single wall wheelset, this bicycle delivers a blend of durability and weight savings. The alloy construction contributes to the bike's overall responsiveness, allowing riders to accelerate quickly and maintain a lively pace. The single wall design strikes a balance between strength and weight, making it suitable for both casual cruising and playful freestyle maneuvers. This wheelset encapsulates the essence of BMX, where every element is designed to support the rider's creativity and passion.

Safety and control are paramount in any bike, and the Haro Downtown 26 ensures both with its Tektro alloy 990 U-brake rear. This rear brake system offers reliable stopping power, crucial for maintaining control during rapid descents, tight turns, and unexpected obstacles. The U-brake design is not only effective but also pays homage to the BMX heritage that has shaped this bicycle's design.

The choice of tires can greatly influence a bike's performance, and the Downtown 26 doesn't disappoint with its Kenda Kranium Tires on both the front and rear wheels. These tires strike a balance between grip and speed, allowing riders to confidently tackle various terrains. Whether it's asphalt, dirt paths, or skate parks, the Kranium tires provide the traction needed for a smooth and controlled ride. The inclusion of these tires amplifies the bike's adaptability and ensures that riders are equipped to explore different riding environments.

The Haro 3 piece cr-mo cranks exemplify the brand's commitment to quality and durability. These cranks offer a robust platform for pedaling power, enabling riders to effortlessly generate speed and maintain momentum. Whether it's cruising through the city or executing tricks at a local skate park, these cranks provide the backbone for a dynamic and engaging ride.

Comfort plays a crucial role in ensuring an enjoyable riding experience, and the Haro Downtown 26 addresses this with its padded adjustable saddle. This saddle is designed to accommodate a range of rider preferences, allowing users to find their ideal seating position. Whether you're embarking on a leisurely cruise or engaging in more intense freestyle maneuvers, the saddle ensures that comfort isn't compromised.

The Haro Stripe Grips are more than just an aesthetic addition; they contribute to rider control and hand comfort. Designed to provide a secure grip, these grips allow riders to maintain control during complex tricks and maneuvers. Additionally, they add a touch of flair to the bike's overall appearance, capturing the spirit of BMX style.

In conclusion, the Haro Downtown 26 serves as a portal to the world of BMX riding, offering a canvas for self-expression, exploration, and nostalgia. With its Haro Full Hi-Ten Frame, 36h alloy single wall wheelset, Tektro alloy 990 U-brake rear, Kenda Kranium Tires, Haro 3 piece cr-mo cranks, Haro padded adjustable saddle, and Haro Stripe Grips, this bicycle is a harmonious ensemble of features designed to cater to the needs and desires of modern riders while paying homage to the BMX culture that has shaped it.


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