Haro Shredder Pro 24


SN: H22057

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Key Specs

  • Full Hi-Ten Frame for durability and foundational design.
  • 36h alloy single wall wheelset for maneuverability and strength.
  • Tektro alloy 990 U-brake rear for control and safety.
  • Kenda K-Rad Tires front and rear for traction on diverse terrains.
  • Haro 1 piece steel cranks for introducing pedaling efficiency.
  • Haro padded adjustable Saddle for personalized comfort.
  • Haro Stripe Grips for control and individuality.


The Haro Shredder Pro, a quintessential embodiment of the BMX spirit, is designed to ignite the passion of young riders eager to explore the world of freestyle riding. As an entry-level BMX bike, the Shredder Pro is a gateway to the exhilarating realm of tricks, jumps, and stylish maneuvers. From its Full Hi-Ten Frame to its Haro Stripe Grips, each component has been thoughtfully curated to provide a safe, responsive, and thrilling experience for riders who are just beginning their BMX journey.

At the heart of the Haro Shredder Pro is its Full Hi-Ten Frame, a testament to durability and foundational design. Constructed from high-tensile steel, this frame strikes a balance between strength and weight, ensuring that young riders can tackle the challenges of learning and experimenting with freestyle riding. The Full Hi-Ten Frame is crafted with a geometry that caters to the dynamic nature of BMX tricks, providing riders with a stable platform for executing jumps, spins, and other exciting maneuvers. This frame serves as the canvas upon which young riders can paint their freestyle aspirations, providing the support and stability needed to navigate the learning curve and progress in their BMX journey.

Enhancing the bike's performance and durability is the 36h alloy single wall wheelset. Crafted from lightweight alloy and featuring single-wall rims, these wheels provide a blend of maneuverability and strength, allowing young riders to explore their skills with confidence. While single-wall rims may not offer the same level of impact resistance as double-wall rims, they remain suitable for novice riders who are gradually building their freestyle prowess. The alloy single wall wheelset imparts the bike with responsive energy, enabling young riders to practice their balance, tricks, and spins with a sense of excitement and accomplishment.

The Tektro alloy 990 U-brake rear stands as a testament to the importance of control and safety during freestyle riding. This brake system offers prompt and reliable deceleration, giving young riders the confidence to navigate through tricks and maneuvers. The U-brake design strikes a balance between simplicity and effectiveness, reflecting Haro's commitment to equipping young riders with the tools they need to build their skills while ensuring their safety remains a priority.

The Kenda K-Rad Tires, mounted both front and rear, ensure exceptional traction and stability across a variety of terrains. These tires strike a balance between grip and speed, enabling young riders to confidently execute tricks and maneuvers as they explore the world of BMX riding. Whether they're cruising through the neighborhood or practicing their skills at a local park, the Kenda K-Rad Tires provide a smooth and controlled ride, encouraging young riders to build their confidence and hone their techniques.

The Haro 1 piece steel cranks are designed to introduce young riders to the fundamentals of pedaling efficiency and power. While they may lack some of the advanced features found in higher-end cranks, the 1 piece steel cranks provide a reliable platform for young riders to learn the basics of pedaling and control. These cranks are a stepping stone for young riders to develop their understanding of how pedaling contributes to speed, control, and balance on a BMX bike.

Rider comfort is prioritized with the Haro padded adjustable Saddle, catering to the needs of young riders during their learning process. Engineered to provide support during extended rides and practice sessions, this saddle ensures that young riders can focus on their performance without discomfort hindering their progress. The adjustable feature allows young riders to find their optimal riding position, enhancing their overall experience and enjoyment.

The Haro Stripe Grips not only enhance the bike's aesthetics but also play a crucial role in enhancing rider control and comfort. Designed to provide a secure grip, these grips empower young riders to maintain control while practicing tricks and maneuvers. Beyond their functional role, they inject a sense of individuality into the bike's appearance, capturing the essence of BMX culture and personal style.

In summary, the Haro Shredder Pro serves as an introduction to the dynamic world of BMX riding, offering young riders the opportunity to embark on a journey of skill development and excitement. With its Full Hi-Ten Frame, 36h alloy single wall wheelset, Tektro alloy 990 U-brake rear, Kenda K-Rad Tires front and rear, Haro 1 piece steel cranks, Haro padded adjustable Saddle, and Haro Stripe Grips, this bicycle is thoughtfully equipped to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for novice riders. It emphasizes the importance of foundational skills while embracing the spirit of BMX culture, inviting young riders to cultivate their passion and explore the limitless possibilities of freestyle riding.