Haro Stray Avocado 20"


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Haro Stray Avocado 20"


In Stock - Free Shipping or Pickup in Store

Color: Avocado
Size: 20"

SN: H22017

Full High-ten frame for strength and stability.

36h alloy single wall wheelset for maneuverability and durability.

Diecast alloy 990 brake rear for control and safety.

Premium CK 20 x 2.4” Tires for optimal traction on diverse surfaces.

KMC Z410 cranks for efficient power transfer.

Premium slim padded Saddle for rider comfort.

Premium Team flangeless Grips for enhanced control and style.


The Haro Stray, a dynamic and versatile BMX bicycle, is a gateway to the exhilarating world of freestyle riding. Crafted with a keen understanding of riders' needs and aspirations, the Stray is a testament to Haro's commitment to providing exceptional quality and performance in an accessible package. From its Full High-ten frame to its Premium Team flangeless Grips, each component of the Stray has been meticulously selected to create a bike that's not just a means of transportation, but a canvas for creative expression and daring adventure.

At the core of the Haro Stray's design is its Full High-ten frame, a foundational element that sets the stage for a thrilling ride. Constructed from high-tensile steel, this frame strikes a balance between strength and weight, allowing riders to confidently navigate through the demands of freestyle riding. The Full High-ten frame is engineered with geometry that caters to the dynamic nature of BMX tricks, providing riders with a stable platform for executing jumps, spins, and other exciting maneuvers. Whether riders are honing their skills at the skatepark, navigating urban landscapes, or tackling trails, the frame serves as a dependable companion that encourages them to push their limits and explore their potential.

Enhancing the bike's overall performance and resilience is the 36h alloy single wall wheelset. Crafted from lightweight alloy, these wheels offer a blend of maneuverability and durability that's essential for freestyle riding. While single-wall rims may not offer the same level of impact resistance as their double-wall counterparts, they remain suitable for riders who are gradually building their freestyle capabilities. The alloy single wall wheelset imparts the bike with responsiveness, allowing riders to execute tricks and maneuvers with precision and control.

The Diecast alloy 990 brake rear is a feature that underscores the importance of control and safety in freestyle riding. This rear brake system provides reliable stopping power, enabling riders to maintain control while performing tricks and maneuvers. The Diecast alloy 990 brake's design balances simplicity and effectiveness, ensuring that riders can confidently explore their skills while having the means to decelerate and come to a stop when needed.

Both the front and rear wheels are equipped with Premium CK 20 x 2.4” Tires, critical components that define traction and stability across various surfaces. These tires offer a balance between grip and speed, empowering riders to confidently execute tricks and maneuvers while exploring diverse terrains. From smooth pavement to rugged trails, the Premium CK Tires ensure consistent traction, allowing riders to maintain control and confidence as they ride.

The KMC Z410 cranks contribute to the bike's functionality and performance by facilitating efficient power transfer during pedaling. While these cranks may not boast the advanced features of higher-end models, they provide a solid foundation for riders to develop their pedaling techniques. The KMC Z410 cranks emphasize the fundamentals of generating forward momentum, enabling riders to focus on honing their skills and building their stamina.

Rider comfort is a priority with the Premium slim padded Saddle, designed to provide support during extended rides and practice sessions. Engineered for comfort, this saddle ensures that riders can fully immerse themselves in the riding experience without discomfort hindering their progress. The slim profile of the saddle is well-suited to freestyle riding, allowing riders to shift their weight and execute tricks with ease.

The Premium Team flangeless Grips, in addition to enhancing the bike's aesthetics, play a pivotal role in enhancing rider control and comfort. Designed to provide a secure grip, these grips empower riders to maintain control during dynamic tricks and maneuvers. Beyond their functional role, the Premium Team flangeless Grips contribute to the bike's overall visual appeal, allowing riders to add a touch of personal style to their BMX setup.

In summary, the Haro Stray is a statement of Haro's commitment to delivering an exceptional freestyle riding experience. With its Full High-ten frame, 36h alloy single wall wheelset, Diecast alloy 990 brake rear, Premium CK 20 x 2.4” Tires front and rear, KMC Z410 cranks, Premium slim padded Saddle, and Premium Team flangeless Grips, this bicycle is thoughtfully designed to provide riders with a dependable, engaging, and versatile ride. It encompasses the essence of BMX culture, inviting riders to embrace their creativity, push their limits, and embark on a journey of exploration and self-discovery.