2022 E11even Fitness L-Twoo A3 8 Speed


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Key Specs

  • E11even Fitness Alloy frame
  • L-Twoo A3 8-speed drivetrain
  • Alloy doublewall 32-hole wheelset
  • Winzip cable disc brakes
  • CST 700 x 35c front tire
  • CST 700 x 35c rear tire
  • Sport Steel rail Saddle


The 2022 E11even Fitness is a versatile and functional bicycle that offers a range of features designed to cater to fitness enthusiasts and casual riders alike. This bike is an excellent choice for those seeking an affordable yet capable option to explore various terrains and maintain an active lifestyle. Let's delve into the details of the E11even Fitness, highlighting its key components and qualities.

At the heart of the E11even Fitness lies the E11even Fitness Alloy frame. This frame is engineered to strike a balance between durability and weight, ensuring that the bike can handle the rigors of regular riding while remaining manageable and easy to maneuver. The alloy construction provides a sturdy foundation for the bike, allowing it to withstand the demands of fitness routines and outdoor adventures.

The drivetrain is a critical component of any bicycle, and the E11even Fitness is equipped with an L-Twoo A3 8-speed drivetrain. While not as advanced as higher-end drivetrains, the 8-speed configuration offers a range of gears suitable for a variety of riding scenarios. It provides enough versatility to tackle both flat urban streets and modest inclines, making it an ideal choice for recreational fitness rides.

Wheelset quality can significantly impact a bike's performance, and the E11even Fitness boasts an Alloy doublewall 32-hole wheelset. The doublewall construction enhances the wheel's strength and durability, ensuring that it can withstand occasional bumps and impacts. This is particularly important for riders who may encounter uneven terrain during their fitness journeys. The 32-hole design adds extra support to the wheels, contributing to their overall robustness.

Winzip cable disc brakes provide the stopping power for the E11even Fitness. Disc brakes are known for their reliable and consistent performance in various weather conditions. While Winzip may not be as recognized as some premium brake brands, cable disc brakes still offer efficient stopping power for urban and fitness riding. These brakes provide riders with the confidence they need to maintain control and safety while on the road or trail.

The choice of tires plays a crucial role in determining a bike's versatility, and the E11even Fitness features CST 700 x 35c tires both at the front and rear. These tires strike a balance between width and tread, making them suitable for a range of surfaces, from smooth roads to gravel paths. The 35mm width provides stability and comfort on urban streets, while the tread pattern offers decent traction on light off-road terrain. It's a versatile tire choice for riders who want to explore different routes.

Completing the package is the Sport Steel rail saddle. This saddle is designed to provide a comfortable seating position during fitness rides. While saddle preferences can vary widely among riders, a saddle with steel rails typically offers durability and support. It ensures that riders can enjoy longer workouts without discomfort, making the E11even Fitness a practical choice for those looking to stay active and healthy.

In summary, the 2022 E11even Fitness is a well-rounded bicycle that includes an E11even Fitness Alloy frame, an L-Twoo A3 8-speed drivetrain, an Alloy doublewall 32-hole wheelset, Winzip cable disc brakes, CST 700 x 35c tires, and a Sport Steel rail saddle. This bike is tailored to fitness enthusiasts and casual riders seeking an affordable and reliable option to support their active lifestyle. While it may not boast the high-end components of more expensive bicycles, the E11even Fitness offers a solid platform for enjoyable fitness rides and exploring a variety of terrains.