Santa Cruz Blur 4 C R TR Gloss Spring Green MD

SRAM NX Eagle + Trail Suspension

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Santa Cruz Blur 4 C R TR Gloss Spring Green MD

SRAM NX Eagle + Trail Suspension

In Stock - Free Shipping or Pickup in Store

Color: Gloss Spring Green
Size: MD

SN: SC23075

C carbon frame

SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain

SRAM Level T brakes

RockShox Sid RL, 120mm fork

Fox Float Performance 190x45, 115mm Rear Shock

Single Pivot suspension design

SRAM UDH (Universal Derailleur Hanger)

SDG Tellis Dropper, 31.6 dropper post

RaceFace AR Offset 27 29" wheelset

SRAM MTH 746 32h Rear Hub

Maxxis Rekon Race 29"x2.4"WT, EXO, TR tires front and rear

SRAM DUB, 68/73mm threaded bottom bracket


The Santa Cruz Blur 4 R-kit TR is a versatile and performance-driven cross-country mountain bike that promises to elevate the riding experience to new heights. At its core, the bike features a lightweight and durable C carbon frame, meticulously designed to strike the perfect balance between strength and weight savings. The carbon construction ensures riders can confidently tackle challenging cross-country trails while maintaining agility and responsiveness. The Santa Cruz Blur series has long been admired for its speed and precision, and the 4 R-kit TR model continues this legacy with its well-rounded components and advanced features.

One of the key features of the Santa Cruz Blur 4 R-kit TR is its SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain. This 1x12 setup offers a wide range of gears, allowing riders to conquer steep climbs with ease and maintain speed on flatter sections. The NX Eagle drivetrain ensures smooth and reliable shifting, providing riders with the confidence to tackle technical ascents and descents. The single chainring design simplifies the drivetrain, reducing weight and enhancing chain retention, making it an ideal choice for cross-country riders seeking efficiency and reliability.

To deliver reliable and controlled braking, the bike is equipped with SRAM Level T brakes. These hydraulic disc brakes offer consistent and modulated stopping power, instilling confidence in riders as they navigate technical descents and tight corners. The Level T brakes offer excellent modulation, ensuring riders have the control they need to push their limits on challenging trails.

The front suspension of the Santa Cruz Blur 4 R-kit TR features the RockShox Sid RL fork with 120mm of travel. This lightweight and adjustable fork provide exceptional control and precision on cross-country trails, efficiently absorbing impacts and maintaining traction for a smooth and controlled ride. Complementing the front fork is the Fox Float Performance rear shock, featuring 190x45mm dimensions and offering 115mm of travel. The Float Performance shock ensures efficient pedaling while still delivering responsive and active suspension action, providing riders with the confidence to conquer rough terrains and technical obstacles.

The bike's suspension system utilizes a Single Pivot design, known for its simplicity, efficiency, and low maintenance. The Single Pivot design optimizes suspension performance, ensuring that the rear wheel tracks the ground effectively, providing traction and stability in all trail conditions.

The Santa Cruz Blur 4 R-kit TR includes the SRAM UDH (Universal Derailleur Hanger), providing convenience and peace of mind, as it allows riders to easily replace the derailleur hanger if needed.

For optimal rider comfort and control, the bike comes with the SDG Tellis Dropper, featuring a 31.6mm diameter. The dropper post allows riders to quickly adjust their saddle height on-the-fly, providing optimal positioning for both descending and climbing, enhancing overall handling and maneuverability on varying terrains.

The RaceFace AR Offset 27 29" wheelset ensures a durable and reliable ride capable of handling the rigors of cross-country riding and demanding trails. The bike's rear hub is the SRAM MTH 746 32h, providing smooth and efficient power transfer to the wheels.

The Santa Cruz Blur 4 R-kit TR is equipped with Maxxis Rekon Race 29"x2.4"WT tires, featuring EXO and TR technology. These tires offer exceptional traction and durability, delivering confidence-inspiring grip on a variety of surfaces. The Rekon Race tires strike an excellent balance between low rolling resistance for efficient pedaling and aggressive tread pattern for cornering grip and braking performance.

The SRAM DUB 68/73mm threaded bottom bracket ensures efficient power transfer, optimizing the bike's drivetrain efficiency and overall performance.

In conclusion, the Santa Cruz Blur 4 R-kit TR is a versatile and well-rounded cross-country mountain bike that offers an exhilarating and efficient ride. With its carbon frame, reliable drivetrain, powerful brakes, and responsive suspension system, the Blur 4 R-kit TR is an excellent choice for cross-country riders seeking a fast and capable bike to tackle various terrains and trail challenges with confidence.