Biking requires a lot of leg work – literally. If you have strong leg muscles, you can ride faster, harder, and further each day. Regular cycling builds muscle endurance, but not as much muscle power. Try these easy moves to build up your legs for better times on two wheels.

1. Slow Pedaling

Pedaling slowly at times makes you do more work with less assistance from your bike. Do this on an even grade or a slight incline. Just not on a steep hill, as you will get tired sooner and might not be able to finish your ride.

2. Stand While You Ride

If you stand up while you pedal, your body weight adds resistance, which works out your calf muscles. Ride slowly and raise your heels while in a standing position. You’ll use your body for the upstroke and apply more weight on the downstroke.

3. Ride in a High Gear

Higher gears provide more resistance on flat surfaces and slight and downhill grades. You have to use more of your legs, which adds more stress on your muscle tissues. They’ll repair, recover, and grow over time.

4. Ride Uphill

Biking uphill forces your bike and body against resistance. Then you can build your quadriceps and hamstrings. Do this regularly for quicker results, and you’ll have even more power on flat surfaces.

5. Check Your Cadence

Find your natural cycling cadence. Then try different workouts around that level to build your strength. You can drop to a lower gear and ride faster than usual. Or shift higher and pedal just below your cadence. The second option is the most effective.

Man Riding Over a Bridge on a Diamondback Bike

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