Long-distance bike races require strategy and dedication. You have to train properly to stay healthy, have fun, and finish strong. That goes for any event, from a century ride to a multi-day race. So we’ve gathered eight tips to help you achieve miles of success!

1. Set an Attainable Goal

Before you head out, set a clear goal for yourself. You might want to achieve a personal best time. Or take on an especially challenging course. Just make sure it’s something you can achieve so you don’t get discouraged or burn yourself out.

2. Follow a Training Plan

Build a plan that gets progressively more long and intense. Key word “progressively” – you want to gradually up your speed and performance. Include a mix of low- and high-intensity rides. Along with endurance rides, hill climbs, and recovery days.

3. Simulate the Race

If possible, follow the event route or a similar one in your training. Practice as much as you need to get used to the pace and effort required to finish it. Wear all of your race-day gear, too.

4. Rest and Recover

Incorporate break days in your training schedule to let your body rest and adapt. Get plenty of good-quality sleep. Also try stretching and yoga for quicker and easier recovery.

5. Eat and Drink Well

Maintain a balanced diet with proteins and carbohydrates. And stay well-hydrated with water or electrolyte drinks. Especially on the day of the event. Then you can sustain your energy for the long haul.

6. Prepare Yourself Mentally

Long-distance races require just as much mental resilience as physical fitness. Stay focused, minimize stress and discomfort, and keep a positive mindset in the days leading up to it and the day of.

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