Do you think you’re too old or too out of shape to mountain bike? You’re too scared? Or you don’t have the time? You’re wrong! MTBing is the perfect activity for all experience and fitness levels. Easy to do just once a week or less – whatever you can fit into your schedule. Here are eight reasons to try it!

1. You can get outside and experience new places. Mountain biking allows you to cover a lot of ground with different sights and terrain. You can take on a rocky coastline or glide over rolling hills. All while taking in fresh air and great weather.

2. It’s a low-impact workout that’s easy on your knees and other joints. You can burn a lot of calorie, without even realizing you’re exercising. And if you can handle tough trails, you can tackle other big life tasks.

3. It’s a safe activity. You do it away from cars, so you never have to worry about getting hit. You can also learn your limits so you know when to take breaks.

4. It’s a great challenge. You’ll find yourself conquering hill climbs, drops, descents, and rough trails. There’s always something new to learn or experience.

5. It builds your confidence. The more you can handle on your bike, the more confidence you’ll have when you’re riding and when you’re not. It comes in handy for work, relationships, and more.

6. It relieves stress. Exercising and being in nature makes you happier. You can get out and blow off some steam each day, even with a quick ride.

7. You can enjoy it with the whole family. You don’t have to be the only one with a bike. Get one for your partner and all of your kids. Then you can all get some exercise and enjoy the great outdoors.

8. You can make new cycling friends. Ride with friends you already have, or make new ones out on the roads and trails. It’s fun to share the experience with like-minded people.

2022 Niner RKT 9 RDO Traveling Downhill

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