Way back in 2001, Santa Cruz created the Virtual Pivot Point suspension. It has two short links that rotate in opposite directions to create a “virtual” pivot point or instant center. That center moves through suspension travel to dictate the axle path of the rear wheel.

This is a highly tunable design for optimal pedaling efficiency and bump-eating power. Giving you the best rides ever! The VPP is patented, which you means you won’t get it with any other bike brand. Over 20 years later, it’s still loved and sought after by cyclists all over the world.

Santa Cruz Virtual Pivot Point Suspension

VPP perfectly balances anti-squat, anti-rise, and shock leverage rate. Anti-squat affects how much of your weight on the pedals influences suspension movement. Anti-rise influences suspension performance while you brake. Shock leverage rate is the relationship between shock and axle movement at any point during your ride.

The rotating links connect the front and rear triangle for a robust chassis. It provides ultimate stiffness and durability out on the trails. Linkages contain the pivot points to prevent slop, and grease ports make it easy to service and maintain. Santa Cruz even offers free lifetime replacement for bearings. No need to limit yourself in the saddle.

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