Biking has many benefits, like keeping you in shape and allowing you to explore the great outdoors. Any time you can get out and ride is great. But there’s something special about hitting the road before sun rise. It can be your wake-up call or your cup of joe to help you conquer the day. Here are ten reasons to cycle in the morning.

1. You are or aren’t a morning person.

If you’re an early riser, you can use those extra hours to bike. On the other hand, if you dread waking up early, a morning bike ride can help. You’ll be motivated to get out of bed just to enjoy your favorite activity. It might be hard at first, but give it a few weeks and you won’t even need an alarm.

2. The roads are less busy.

There are fewer people on the roads in the morning, so they’re quieter with less traffic. You can use the open space to ride as fast and hard as you want. Also to meditate and clear your head before a busy day.

3. No sun means cooler temps.

Temperatures are much cooler without the sun, even in summer. You won’t get baked in the heat or suffer heat stroke. Even if it’s already warm when you get out, it’s still less intense than the afternoon or evening.

4. It can replace coffee.

Natural endorphins are better than coffee. They get your blood pumping and boost your energy without the caffeine crash. Your mood and energy stay high hours after your ride, allowing you to accomplish all of your daily goals.

5. It leads to better sleep.

An early ride can positively affect your circadian rhythm, which regulates your sleep. A combination of exercise and morning light can even help you kick sleeping disorders, like insomnia. Plus, the sooner you rise, the sooner you’re ready for bed. Then you can get a long, restful night of Zs.

Riding on a Rocky Path on the 2022 Niner WFO 9 RDO

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