Biking isn’t just about hopping in the saddle and pedaling off into the distance. You need proper cycling form to travel faster and more efficiently. Also to avoid serious neck and back injuries that could keep you from riding. Because cycling is supposed to be fun, not pain-inducing. Read on to nail your form and have endless fun on two wheels.

5 Characteristics of a Good Riding Position

1. Relaxed Shoulders

Keeping your shoulders up towards your ears adds stress to your neck and back. Then it’s hard to move your head and stay alert as you ride. Drop them so they stay relaxed. They might stiffen and start to creep up again after a hard climb. Just take a moment to readjust and keep going.

2. Straight Back

Your back needs to be relatively straight on your bike. Make sure it’s not locked or tensed into a line. You also need to engage your core while you pedal. If you relax your abs, your back will round out and put pressure on your hands, shoulder, and crotch. Exactly what you don’t want.

3. Bent Elbows

If you lock your elbows, the trail vibrations will transfer to your body. You can even get thrown off your bike on a really bumpy path. Bend your elbows and tuck them into your sides. They’ll act as a suspension and lessen the stress on your shoulders and hands.

4. Relaxed Hands

You should only have a tight grip on the handlebars when you’re sprinting. The rest of the time, you need to maintain a light and relaxed grip. It will help you feel more comfortable and less stressed on your travels. You’ll save energy and have lower blood pressure.

5. Knees in Line With Feet

Don’t bend your knees outward. They’ll hurt and you’ll have inefficient pedaling. Keep them over the balls of your feet and over your pedals. Make sure your cleats are set up correctly, too.

3 Ways to Improve Your Riding Position

1. Get a Proper Bike Fit

Your bike needs to fit your height and weight. Otherwise you’ll never achieve proper cycling form. A model that’s too small or too big can add stress to your body and get you in an accident. You need proper handlebar height, crank length, and saddle choice. Get help from a bike shop.

2. Maintain Good Flexibility

If you’re inflexible, your body will be out of alignment when you ride. You’ll also can’t maintain a good form. Improve your flexibility with targeted stretches and exercises. Do them regularly for better performance and less chance of getting hurt.

3. Listen to Your Body

Pay attention to signals from your body that something is wrong. Focus on where you feel tension or discomfort and make changes to correct it. Relax your muscles and concentrate on your breathing while reconsidering your riding position. Readjust body parts as needed.

Professional Help at Airpark Bike Co

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